IV and K visas applicants take note!

The online DS-260 has replaced the forms DS-230-I and II for immigrant visa applicants and the online DS-160, forms DS-230-I and II, DS-156, DS-156 K and DS-157 for K visa applicants.

If you are applying for a visa with the Immigrant Visa Unit at the Embassy, you will be required to complete the new online forms, unless you have already mailed your application to us, in which case your application will be processed on the basis of the old style forms.

A further change is the use of email to notify the Immigrant Visa Unit that you have completed the DS-260 or DS-160 and have all of the documents in support of your application.

By emailing us, you will receive instant acknowledgement that we have received your application and will be provide with a time-frame for the processing of your forms, which is currently six weeks from the date of receipt!