Healthy Eating in Schools

The First Lady Michelle Obama launched “Let’s Move” in February 2010 to encourage children to be more active and to eat healthier foods. In celebrating the 4th anniversary of its launch the First Lady is encouraging people of all ages, to show her how they move – through their everyday fitness routine, making better food choices, or by moving their community toward that new norm – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

, and Vine using #LetsMove.  You can watch how the First Lady keeps active on this you tube video below.

On Tuesday Michelle Obama gave a speech launching the new “School Wellness Standards”  to help build healthier learning environments for school children.  And as part of this effort,  advertisements for unhealthy food and beverages in  schools will be eliminated.  With these new guidelines it is hoped that  this will inspire companies to rethink how they market food to kids in general.  Because, today, the average child watches thousands of food advertisements each year, and 86 percent of these ads are for products loaded with sugar, fat or salt.  And, by contrast,  kids see an average of just one ad a week for healthy products like water, fruits and vegetables.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has also launched a new “School Nutrition Environment and Wellness Resources” website that includes sample wellness policy language for school districts and a dedicated page of resources for food marketing practices on the school campus.
A new report out today (26 February 2014) has reported a drop in in the obesity rate among 2- to 5-year-old children over the past decade of 43%, you can read the New York Times article here.