Happy Climate Week!

We have been going to a number of events celebrating the UK’s Climate Week March 3-9.  The UK has impressive public participation in Climate Week, with an estimated 500,000 people attending at least one event.  There are lots of things going on, from a Roll for the Soul bike ride, a carbon innovation competition in Edinburgh, and a team competition on new more environmentally friendly ways to generate hot water.

Yesterday we went to see the Eco-build exhibition at Excel Centre and Climate Week awards.  The Eco-build exhibition was enormous, with a huge number of booths, speeches and demonstrations.  This included fun things, such as building a bird nest, new construction materials (see the attached pictures), and many green construction products.  Head over to the Excel centre if you get a chance! IMG-20140304-00058

Climate Change Minister Greg Barker gave an interesting talk at the Climate Week awards ceremony.  The Minister pledged to continue UK leadership on climate issues, noting the UK Climate Change Act, reductions in carbon emissions by 25% the Green Investment Bank and the Green Deal.  He also highlighted the summit organized by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon with expected participation from the U.S. and China, which is critical for a successful outcome in the Paris Conference of Parties in 2015.  Barker further praised the U.S. for our reductions in carbon emissions, and the Chinese for their substantial development of wind energy.  It is great to hear some IMG-20140304-00060positive news on the climate front.

Finally, congratulations to all the Climate Award winners, which included inspiring work and community projects.