U.S. National Climate Assessment

The U.S. National Climate Assessment was released online today. The assessment summarizes the impacts of climate change on the United States, now and in the future. A team of more than 300 experts guided by a 60-member Federal Advisory Committee produced the report, which was extensively reviewed by the public and experts, including federal agencies and a panel of the National Academy of Sciences. While the assessment contains troubling data about the dangers of climate change resulting from human activities, that data is presented in visually stunning and ingeniously interactive ways. It’s as addictively clickable as a Buzzfeed quiz and much more informative.

I started on the overview page here.

A few minutes later, I was exploring the impact of ocean acidification on Pteropods, a critical food for ocean species ranging in size from krill to whales:

acid graphic

And then, observing increases in precipitation across the U.S.:


Have a go yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.