Traveling to European countries in the Schengen Area?

Many travelers destined for one of the 26 European countries in the Schengen area find themselves stranded in the United Kingdom because their passport is not valid for at least 90 days beyond their intended date of departure from the country.  To avoid unintended travel disruptions, it is recommended that passports have at least six months of validity whenever the holder travels abroad.

If you are in the United States and need to renew your passport before traveling to Europe, you should visit for further information.  If you are in the United Kingdom, the information you require is on our website.

The United Kingdom is not part of the Schengen area, so if you are traveling to the United Kingdom, we recommend you visit for passport validity requirements and if your destination is outside the U.K. and Schengen areas, the Department of State’s Country Specific Information pages.