EPA Proposes to Cut Carbon Emissions

“The Environmental Protection Agency proposed a regulation Monday that would cut carbon dioxide emissions from existing coal plants by up to to 30 percent by 2030 compared with 2005 levels, taking aim at one of the nation’s leading sources of greenhouse gases.

“Under the draft rule, the EPA would let states and utilities meet the new standard with different approaches mixing four options including energy efficiency, shifting from coal to natural gas, investing in renewable energy and making power plant upgrades. Other compliance methods could include offering discounts to encourage consumers to shift electricity use to off-peak hours.” (The Washington Post)

The EPA has examined each state, and has proposed different reductions, depending on the difficulty for each state. These are itemized in great detail on page 5 of this report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Under the proposal states would also have a flexible timeline—up to fifteen years after the Clean Power Plan is final—for all emission reduction measures to be fully implemented in 2030.

The EPA site has a list of exciting resources including this interesting interactive map where you can click on a state to learn more about climate change impacts, state action, and EPA’s proposal for that state.