Study in the U.S.

U.S. colleges and universities differ widely in the academic programs and degrees they offer, as well as in campus life. Some campuses are huge, some tiny. Some are urban, some rural. Some have warm weather, some have cold. But all U.S. colleges strive to provide students a safe, secure environment for studying and learning, with good food and housing and activities outside the classroom. Many schools offer opportunities to meet Americans from all regions of the United States as well as students from around the world.

Before you apply have a look at Education USA’s Five Steps to U.S. Study:

Research your options;  Finance your studies;  Complete your application;  Apply for your student visa; and Prepare for departure.

Find out more on studying in the USA with this booklet which features 24 students from 24 countries at U.S. colleges and universities telling in a few of their own words and photos about their U.S. experience inside and outside the classroom .