Cleaning Our Oceans

Around 7 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, leading to several organizations forming to protect our waters.

In 2010, Californian Doug Woodring started The Ocean Recovery Alliance. Woodring had seen the damage caused by pollution in the oceans following an expedition the previous year. After looking at small fish from extreme depths, in the North Pacific Ocean, they found that 10 per cent of the fish were found to have plastic in their stomachs. The alliance brings together people, who use the ocean for work and pleasure, to help protect it.

Other organizations contributing to cleaning up the oceans include The Surfrider Foundation founded in 1984 – there are now more than 100 chapters of this group around the U.S. and the world, which help to keep the coastlines clean. They are also responsible for a recent campaign halting the seismic testing of oil and gas in the sea.

Scuba Divers are another group of people keen on protecting the oceans and their inhabitants. Project AWARE brings together Divers from around the world with their Dives Against Debris, pulling and documenting waste from the ocean such as shopping carts. Project AWARE are also passionate about protecting sharks.

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