Staying safe when travelling in the UK

London has a great public transport system and we want you to be as safe as possible when using it.

To help keep yourself and your belongings safe when using public transport follow this helpful advice from the Metropolitan Police:

  • Keep your bags and backpacks zipped;
  • Don’t keep valuable items such as wallets or passports in your pockets, it might make you a target for pickpockets;
  • Don’t flash your cash or valuable items like MP3 players or cameras;
  • Remember that alcohol consumption is prohibited on London Transport (including buses, trains, tubes and river taxis);
  • Report any unattended luggage.

Be aware of the ‘tricks’ of pickpockets – check out this video for some of the tell-tale signs:

If you’re using London Transport to get around, check out the TFL website for more tips and advice on being a Safe Traveller!


(Photo by ## D Mack## on Flickr )