Replacement Social Security Number Cards

Effective June 24, 2013, the US Social Security Administration (SSA) changed its policies on issuing replacement Social Security number (SSN) cards.

American citizens and Permanent Resident Aliens will be able to verify their number by presenting valid proof of citizenship or residence status (for example, a US passport or a resident alien card, commonly known as the “Green Card”).   They can also request a replacement SSN card.

The situation is more complicated for non-US citizens and non-resident aliens, who no longer have a qualified need for a replacement card.  These individuals cannot be issued a replacement card and SSA cannot verify their SSNs.

If you are NOT a US citizen and NOT a resident alien, but you have been issued a SSN at some point in the past, which you no longer remember, the only way you can verify your number is through the US Social Security Administration’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) unit in Baltimore.

A printout verification of your number will NOT be issued to you if you are neither a US citizen, nor a resident alien.

Please see the following link for more information:

The moral of the story is: GUARD YOUR SSN CARD CAREFULLY.  You may not get another one.