Thinking of working in the United States? Want to take your family? “The joy of real adventure is hard to resist”

Here’s the next installment in our series of blog posts about consular team members’ experiences in the United States.

Travelling has been always exciting for me, especially when I was a child. It was fun in Europe but it became a real adventure when I went to ‘the New World.’  When I was 8, my family and I moved from Armenia to America because my Dad got a job there.  My father was a doctor, and he worked in the United States on an H-1 visa.  Dependents can receive H-4 visas, permitting children to legally attend school.

As a child I found the New York skyscrapers a bit intimidating, but I am still most in love with the crooked colourful streets, cable cars, bright blue sky and light breeze of San Francisco.  All that (plus the chocolate factory tour!) made San Francisco my favourite city.


I also loved the California theme parks and zoos.  I remember the evening parades, princesses, carriages, attractions, toys, and candy – and even the shameless seagull that stole the fish I was going to feed to a dolphin!  I also remember watching a young male gorilla, Jitu, scratching his back, yawning and relaxing in the San Diego sun.

I lived in Loma Linda, a lovely California town. I can still recall my classmates singing the National Anthem each morning, and their squeals and laughter (and my teacher’s shouts) as we spotted a REAL bear climbing down a tree during a school trip to the border of Mexico.


All too soon, the year was over.  It was lovely to return to my friends and family back home but I did miss the United States. If you’re thinking of moving there with your children temporarily or permanently, of course they will miss their family and friends and they might even be reluctant to go.  But the joy of real adventure is hard to resist for long, and the memories you help create for your child will last a lifetime.


If you are interested in working in the United States, you will need an employment based visa.  H visas are just one of many types of visas that can be used to work in the United States temporarily.   See our website for a full list:  If you want to work in the United States indefinitely or permanently, you will need immigrant visas.  Check out our website at for the different types available.