Monthly Feature – August’s Most Popular Question!

This month it’s “I came to my appointment and I was asked to submit additional documents.  I’ve sent the documents, but I haven’t received any acknowledgment, and its been longer than 3-5 days, where is my visa?”


Answer:  The Embassy does not routinely acknowledge receipt of documents.  If you were asked to submit some additional documents after your appointment, you should log in to your account via, to print off a ‘Courier-in Receipt’.  You can do this by selecting either ‘Send Documents’ or ‘Print Instructions’ from your account.  Once the missing document has been received, processing can continue in your case.

If your case is routine, processing time is approximately 10 working days from the date the missing document is received. Some cases may require additional processing or review, you’ll be contacted once the outcome of your application is known.  Remember, we advise all applicants that they should not make final travel plans until their application has been fully processed and they have the visa in hand.