Kids Newsletter-Fall

Welcome to our latest edition of our newsletter. This is the second and final part of our National Parks series, where we take a look at a famous area in Florida and one of the most iconic symbols of freedom in the U.S.

Did you know…?

…NASA expects its Orion spacecraft to land in the Pacific Ocean on return to Earth in December, where a U.S. Navy ship will be waiting to retrieve it and return it to shore!

Quick Trivia
a) Which U.K. Premier League team does World Cup American soccer hero, Tim Howard, play for?
b) Which prehistoric monument in the United Kingdom did President Obama visit when the NATO summit had finished?
c) Which of the planets featured in our word search  is closest to the sun?

Find out the answers to our trivia quiz and more information on U.S. National Parks by going to our latest Kids’ Newsletter by clicking on the image below: