2014 Midterm Election: A guide

The midterm elections fall at the halfway mark of a four-year presidential term, often referred to as a referendum on the president and the president’s party, this year the election falls on Tuesday, November 4.

Up for election will be all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and one third of the Senate. Also 36 state governors are up for election, most states elect their governors in the middle of presidential terms, rather than at the same time as the president.
Since 2010 the Republicans have had control of the House with 233 seats and the Democrats have 199, there are 3 vacancies.
The Senate is controlled by the Democrats who have 55 seats to the Republicans 45, though 2 independents Sen. Bernard Sanders (VT) & Sen. Angus King (-ME) currently caucus with the Democrats.


Senate Race
This year, 21 Democratic seats up and 15 Republican seats, with a number of significant retirements in three states controlled by Democrats- Montana, West Virginia and South Dakota.
For the senate race we have put together the senate seats which are up for election showing the incumbents and their main opposition and where the race includes a strong third party challenger this has been included (click on the table below).


Table showing the States where the Senate is up for election
Senate Race













Governors Election
Currently there are 29 Republican state governors and 21 Democrats, in this election there will be 22 Republicans and 14 Democrats up for election.

Map showing the 2014 mid-term election of State Governors
Map showing Governors up for election for the 2014 mid-term
Governors Election
Click on table to see which Governors are running in which State








For further information on the midterm election

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