Congratulations to Nigeria!

It is rare to hear good news on the Ebola front, but we had some yesterday.  The World Health Organization (WHO) declared Nigeria Ebola free!  This is quite an accomplishment.  I am interested in a personal angle, because my first post was in Lagos, Nigeria, where I got to know a lot of people.  Lagos is a very densely populated city, and if Ebola got free there, it could have some terrible consequences.

Nigeria had 19 cases of Ebola, but they worked very hard to isolate all of the Ebola patients, they carefully tracked down all of these people’s contacts, and monitored them until Nigeria was declared Ebola free.  The attached WHO link provides some more details, and Nigeria’s reaction can provide a model for containing Ebola.  Now we still need to do more in the three Ebola affected countries, not to mention the United States, but it worth reflecting on the success of making Nigeria Ebola free, and how, at least for now, further tragedy has been averted.