Green Growth: One Tower at a Time

I know that there is a lot of talk about green growth, and how protecting the environment can actually lead to new jobs, but we got to see green growth in action. My colleague and I visited in Chepstow, South Wales. Just as you might guess, Mabey Bridge started out in 1849 building bridges (which they still do), but then in 2011, they began constructing wind towers for on-shore wind farms, and components for off-shore wind farms.

The privately owned Mabey business has invested £38 million in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The on-shore wind towers are just massive, with heights ranging from 35 to 80 meters, with an average of 60 meters, but you may get a feel of it by looking at the photos. The off-shore wind towers are much bigger, so big in fact that they cannot fit into the roads around the Mabey Bridge manufacturing facility. This explains why Mabey Bridge focuses on on-shore wind towers and various specialist components for off-shore wind and marine energy.

Mabey Bridge has continuously upgraded their efficiency as they have learned to build wind towers and other large tubular structures faster and better, and they are now producing at a top rate level. Mabey Bridge is currently building 150 wind towers, primarily for the UK on-shore, and they are one of only two UK construction companies. These facilities are an exciting venture helping to power green energy growth from South Wales.

Wind tower in production.
ESTH Counselor Ed Heartney at Mabey Bridge.
Components for off-shore wind farms.