U.S Citizens born abroad – “Growing up, not many people knew I was American because of my British accent…”

The next in our series of posts from members of the consular team.  As we look forward to Thanksgiving, a U.S. citizen born in the UK talks about his experience.

“I acquired U.S. citizenship through my parents.  They moved to the United Kingdom shortly before I was born so they applied for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) for me.  Growing up, not many people knew I was American because of my British accent.  The only hint was when my brother and I returned from summer holidays in the States with a slight twang after hanging out with extended family for weeks on end.  As an adult, people seem pretty interested when I tell them I’m an American citizen and they always ask how I got my citizenship. I suppose it’s because I sound so British.

As an American family in the UK, we usually make a point of marking Independence Day – my parents fly the Stars and Stripes outside the house.  We also enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving.  Knowing a good mix of people on either side of the Atlantic, I don’t think the cultural differences between the United Kingdom and the United States are as great as a lot of people think.  There’s a lot of humor that translates well from the U.S. to U.K and vice-versa.

I enjoy spending time in the United States, both in Maryland where I have a huge family, and in cities like New York and Chicago.  For anyone thinking of taking a trip to Chicago, I’d highly recommend it. I lived there for a year and it’s easily my favorite city in the States, if for no other reason than the incredible deep dish pizzas they serve up.

Deep Dish Pizza
Deep Dish Pizza, Chicago

When uncles, aunts and cousins visit the UK, I like playing tour guide as it’s often the only time I get to “see the sights” in the city I live in. Outside of London, I recommend visiting the Lake District in the North West of England – even over world-famous places like Oxford, Cambridge and Stonehenge. It’s further away but I’ve never known anyone to have made the trip and not loved being there. It really is the perfect place if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of London.”

Image of a lake in the Lake District
The Lake District