New Embassy engraving project – submit your text

The new American Embassy in London
The new American Embassy in London

American artist Jenny Holzer and the U.S. Department of State’s office of Art in Embassies, are looking for school students to submit text to be included in a permanent artwork for the new American Embassy in London.

Students are invited to submit short, powerful writing on any topic relevant to British-American relations or statecraft by December 31, 2014. Students from both the US and UK are encouraged to write in. The selected texts will be carved into stone on highly visible walls around the Embassy, and published online.

Poetry, lyrics, meditations and quotes that connect the two nations as allies are of particular interest. The texts should be feeling, striking, alive, smart, concise, and if by others, in the public domain.

Artist Jenny Holzer works with light projection, electronics and stone. The piece for the American Embassy in London will do the same.

Submissions must be between 240 to 757 characters, including spaces (approximately 45-135 words). The deadline is December 31 2014 and submissions can be made here.