Launch of “H2infO” Portal

Those of us in First World countries often take for granted the fact that we have clean water to drink, functioning sewers and reliable water supplies. But that’s obviously not the case everywhere. The U.S. knows that having access to these basic survival needs is a priority for governments and the focus of foreign policies around the world.

Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Catherine Novelli recently launched “H2infO“, a centralized, web-based platform for sharing U.S. Water Partnership members’ knowledge and expertise on fresh water and sanitation.

According to the website, it “provides a single entry point for access to quality U.S.-based water-related resources that contribute to solutions for global water challenges. This web portal shares a broad range of resources developed by U.S. Water Partnership members that can be used by stakeholders around the world.”

To visit the portal, click here.