Expedited visa interview appointments

“I have a visa appointment but I would like an earlier one.  How can I request an earlier appointment?”

Well, there are different procedures depending on whether you are applying for an Immigrant or Nonimmigrant Visa!  We do advise that applicants should not make final, non-refundable travel plans until their application has been completed and they have received the visa.  However, we recognize that emergencies do occur.  Check below for the answer that applies to your circumstances:


Nonimmigrant Visa  – Follow the steps to create/log in to your account via the appointment booking service website.  You will be offered the earliest available appointment date based on the visa classification you’re applying for and your personal circumstances.  You should book the earliest appointment and, if the date is not suitable, you may request an expedited appointment.  The option for making this request will only appear once you have booked an appointment.

When making a request for an expedited appointment, carefully check the criteria. Expedited appointments are extremely limited and priority must be given to those with an urgent medical or compelling humanitarian need to travel.


Immigrant Visa processed through the National Visa Center in the United States Check their processes here.  Your application for an immigrant visa is processed to the point of the interview by the National Visa Center (NVC). They will schedule the interview for you, then transfer your case to the Embassy in London, which takes about 8 weeks. During that time, the Immigrant Visa Unit in London can’t make any changes to the file, including the appointment date.


Immigrant Visa, including K-1 (fiance(é) visa) processed through the Immigrant Visa Unit in LondonCheck our processes here.  An interview will only be scheduled for you once you have completed all the steps outlined in the letter sent to you when your case is opened. Once an interview has been scheduled, you should expect to keep that date and time.

Of course, in the case of an urgent medical or compelling humanitarian reason for travel, you can contact the Embassy using our contact form and we will advise you further.