Question of the month: How do I change information on my DS-160 form?

This month, the focus is on the DS-160 application form and the most popular question is…

“I’ve made a mistake/need to change information on my DS-160 form – what do I do?”

If you have not transmitted the form or, if you saved the form before transmitting it, you may be able to retrieve it via up to 24 hours before your scheduled nonimmigrant visa interview appointment.  You can then make the necessary changes to the form and resubmit it.  Remember to print the new confirmation page and bring it to your intervew!

If you did not save the form before submitting it, or if you are not able to retrieve the form as described above, you will be required to complete a new Form DS-160.  There is no way around this.

If the nonimmigrant visa interview is already scheduled you are not required to book a new appointment or pay a new fee even if you submit a new Form DS-160.  Just attend the appointment as scheduled with the confirmation page of the corrected DS-160 form and advise the consular officer that your DS-160 number has changed since your appointment was scheduled. This is important –  if you don’t bring the confirmation page of the corrected DS-160, your application will be denied.

If you completed the DS-160 form stating that you would attend the Embassy in London or Belfast, but now intend to apply in another country, you should complete a new form selecting the correct post.  Please note that booking an appointment to apply for a visa in another country will incur a new fee.