Are you applying for an IV or fiancé(e) visa? Don’t be one of the 21%, Be Prepared!

number line showing 21%

Last year 21% of immigrant and fiancé(e) visa applicants applying for a visa at the Embassy were refused because they did not submit all of their documents at the interview, causing delays in processing of several months in some cases.

If your immigrant or fiancé(e) visa application is being processed by the Immigrant Visa Unit, you are required to present certain documents in support of your application and must bring the originals or certified copy to your interview, plus one photocopy.  This requirement applies to all applicants regardless of age.  The documents will vary depending on your age and individual circumstances.

If your application has been processed by the National Visa Center and you have sent them the original documents, you need only bring your passport to the visa interview as your documents will be forwarded to the Immigrant Visa Unit.  If you sent them copies, however, the originals must be presented at the interview.

How can you avoid being one of the 21%?   It’s easy! Take the time now to read through the document checklist list, it’s here on our website, and come prepared for the interview!