Top 10 reasons to invest in the USA

As the Select Summit USA 2015 kicks off in Washington D.C. this week, here's our top 10 reasons why you should invest in the USA. 

1. Innovation – the iPhone? Swivel chair? Pizza scissors? Yep, all invented in the USA.


30% of the world’s Research & Design expenditures are paid out in the U.S., making our country a hub for innovation & entrepreneurship.

2. You would get to be a part of the Special Relationship in action.


Nearly 1 million U.S. & 1 million UK workers are employed by each other’s companies.

3. USA is the land of positivity – we like to say YES!


The American work force is well educated, productive, innovative and mobile. You have a good idea? We’ll be interested.

4. Getting from A to B in the USA has never been so easy.


The American economy has strong supply chains, connecting up all four corners of the map. You want to get your product from one side of America to another? Not a problem.

5. The cost of setting up businesses in the USA has never been cheaper.


The cost of energy in the U.S. has drastically declined, lowering input costs like utilities and raw materials.

6. Team building just got a lot more fun.

number 1
The U.S. ranks as the most attractive destination for direct foreign investment, and it’s not hard to see why with Hollywood, Silicon Valley & Disneyland right on your doorstep – they also happen to make awesome locations for work away days…

7. There is a massive consumer market right on your doorstep.


The U.S. has a lucrative and open consumer market of 320 million Americans – an enviable customer base for any budding entrepreneur.

8. No one will nick your ideas.


The U.S. is the world’s leader in protecting Intellectual Property Rights. Your idea remains yours in America.

9. For Brits, America is a home away from home.

London_High_School_-_London_Ohio (1)

More than 20% of exports from the U.S. are of foreign-owned affiliates, making it a great platform for global investment – including businesses based in the UK.

10. You have a great team here in London, ready to help!


There is a great team at our U.S. Commercial Service right here in Embassy London, on hand to give you all the expert advice you need to make a successful business in the USA. You can contact the team by emailing