Food: Delicious flavors, compliments of the USA

American cuisine is young, but many of its signature ingredients are thousands of years old — and available worldwide.
American crops can be used in a variety of ways or eaten alone as a healthy, satisfying snack.

Below are some of the most popular agricultural products with American roots. If you see them in your local market, there’s a good chance they were made in the United States!

Foods native to the US
(State Dept./Jamie McCann)


Learn more about U.S. agricultural products and related topics at the Expo in Milan, a world’s fair that promotes a global dialogue about the future of the food system. The USA Pavilion at the Expo, titled “American Food 2.0: United to Feed the Planet”, showcases the United States as an innovator in the food sector. Interactive exhibits highlight how U.S. farmers, scientists, businesses and government agencies are working to find ways to feed the world’s growing population.