Social Media and the Consular Section

Are you following us on Twitter at @USAinUKCGCorner?  It’s just one of several ways in which we use social media to keep visa applicants and U.S. citizens informed about what is happening in the Consular Section in London.  If U have a Q + can ask it in 140 chars, tweet us.   The team is available each afternoon, but sorry, no case specific questions for privacy reasons.

If you are looking for information on photo requirements for a U.S. visa or passport application, applying for a U.S. passport, or are wondering if you are a victim of a Diversity Visa scam, take the time to view our SlideShare account at

Information on completing visa and passport application forms, what to expect when visiting the Embassy for a visa or passport appointment, and what to do if you have an arrest or conviction and are wondering if you need to apply for a visa, are just a few of the topics we cover on YouTube.

We are also a regular contributor to the Special Relationship Magazine and for those of you who do not have @username, you can join on our webchat – which will take place around June 17 – when we will answer your question.

Interested in finding out more? Visit the visa or ACS pages of our website where you will find the relevant links to all of our social media platforms.