World Oceans Day 2015!

President Obama declared June 2015 as National Ocean Month! How will you celebrate?

Going to the beach? Want to help the environment? There’s an app for that! Help track and clean up marine debris in your part of the world! It takes just a few seconds to report marine debris at

Another simple way to protect our ocean: Carry reusable bags and water bottles to avoid single use disposable plastics whenever possible.

Are you a Finding Nemo fan? Clownfish use scent to determine where to swim. Ocean acidification makes it difficult for them to smell and navigate. Learn how ocean acidification affects the whole world at

Working together, our nations can reach our goal of protecting at least 10 percent of all coastal and marine areas by 2020. The above photos are from the world’s largest marine protected area – the U.S. Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument.

What will YOU do to help protect our ocean? Tell us using hashtag #OurOcean2015!