School Talks on the U.S.

Deb MacLean of the U.S.Embassy had a busy couple of weeks visiting three UK schools. First she went to Cavendish School in Eastbourne where she gave a talk on the U.S.Election process to a group of year 9. The pupils have not yet discussed the U.S. Election at school, but all had heard of Donald Trump. Deb was able to inform them that the U.S. Election was a long drawn out process and will not be over until after the election  on November 8th. She didn’t want to confuse them too much by explaining the electoral college!

Deb MacLean speaking to Year 9 at Cavendish School

The next day Deb went to  a sixth form school in Brighton, BHASVIC , the students at BHASVIC are studying the part of their A-levels and were eager to ask Deb a lot of questions not just on the elections, but on the Supreme Court and foreign policy issues.
Deb was very impressed with the knowledge of the students at BHASVIC who certainly know their stuff.

Deb MacLean at BHASVIC

On the 3rd May Deb visited the Thomas Alleyne High School in Stevenage. The school has just started their first school parliament and Deb was very honored to be one of the first people to kick off the debate to representatives of the school parliament. Deb talked generally about the life of a U.S.diplomat and the places she had served around the world. After her talk the students asked her questions about her job, what an Ambassador does and on guns in the U.S..

Deb had a great time visiting the schools, learning about the English education system and was impressed with the knowledge and willingness of the students to learn more about the States.

If you think your school may be interested in a diplomat from the Embassy coming to your school or general information on the U.S.then email the Information Resource Center at: