National Parks:Zion National Park

Utah’s First National Park

Zion National Park, located in Southern Utah, near Springdale, Utah and offers some unbelievable views of natural rock formations and picturesque landscapes.

In 1909, a President Taft designated Mukuntuweap (Zion)  a National Monument, in Zion Canyon. The new monument was, however, virtually inaccessible to visitors, since the existing roads were in poor condition and the closest railhead a hundred miles away.

It wasn’t until 1919, that  Zion National Park was made a new National Park, the first in Utah.

The history of the area dates back many thousands of years, in fact almost 12,000 years ago Zion’s first peoples, who are now almost invisible, tracked mammoth, giant sloth, and camel across southern Utah. Due to climate change and over hunting these animals died out about 8,000 years ago. Humans adapted by focusing on mid-sized animals and gathered foods. As resources dwindled 2,600 years ago, people tuned life ways to the specifics of place. Such a culture, centered on Zion, differentiated over the next 1,500 years into a farming tradition archeologists call Virgin Anasazi.

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